Beyond the Burqa


Beyond the Burqa

This is the story of Afghan women building their future with past memories and utilizing the present resources. Beyond the Burqa presents the life and prospects of women in Bamian, It follows two Afghan women Nikbakht and Mariam who are victims of society. Their stories unfold within the beautiful landscapes of Afghanistan and accompanied by folkloric songs.


First prize, Afghanistan International Women FF, Herat, 2014;
Special Mention, Afghan International FF, London, UK, 2015.

Sahra Mosawi

Sahra Mosawi is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, lecturer at Kabul University and the founder of Afghanistan Doc House. Sahra got her Master’s Degree in documentary filmmaking from London University of the Arts, and her BA in Digital film production. She makes documentaries about her own country Afghanistan with the focus on women, education and children issues. Sahra is the director/producer of nearly 12 films. Her last film “Obstinate” was supported by Sundance, IDFA Bertha Fund, Fork Films and Chicken & Egg Pictures.





The First Day of School, 2008
David Lean Cinema, 2009
Mountain Dream, 2010
The Kite, 2010 (fiction)
The Rhythm of London, 2011
Mazar Media, 2011
A Day of My Life, 2011 (fiction)


Film Details:

Afghanistan, 2012, 22’
in Farsi w/ Eng./Arm. subtitles

Director & Writer: Sahra Mosawi
Producer: Sahra Mosawi
Director of Photography: Sahra Mosawi
Editor: Sahra Mosawi
Production Company: Afghanistan Doc House