Blood and the Moon

(Tommaso Contronei, Yemen/ Italy, 2017, 78’)


Blood and the Moon

Child bride Soraya escapes her husband to reach a village where no one knows. But the young local school teacher offers her protection and a place to rest until she figures out her next step. This is a story of two young people living in Yemen. A woman from the city and a man from the countryside. Both struggles to overcome incredible obstacles in a country the world seems to have forgotten.


Tommaso Cotronei

Born in 1965 in a small town in Calabria, in Southern Italy, where, still very young, started to work in the fields with his parents in the rural countryside. Struck by a place that gives no hopes but backbreaking labour, no chances of wishing for something different, Cotronei finds the strength to flee from his situation at 21. He spends several years looking for something that would suit his hopes while temporarily working as a manual worker in Northern Europe. Getting into the humanities he attends classes at the Philosophy Department at University of Rome La Sapienza, without graduating. In 1993, he luckily becomes the film director Vittorio De Seta’s assistant, while the former was working on his film Calabria. In 1997, he makes his first film Nel Blu Cercando Fiabe (In the Blue Looking for Fairy Tales). Cotronei’s gaze is not the distant gaze of the ethnologist, far from the “people”; he does not tease the audience to look at manifestations of subaltern, traditional life as “picturesque”, with a smile or complacent interest. Cotronei’s gaze stares at parents’ anguish while they are looking at their children condemned to lead the same, forsaken existence.



In the Blue Looking for Fairy-tales, 1997
The Workers, 2005
Liberation, 2007
Preparations for Escape, 2008
Nails, Tears, Rose, 2009
Earth, 2010
Men’s School, 2011
The Difference, 2012
Rio Paraguay, 2012
Covered with the Blood of Jesus, 2015
Blood and the Moon, 2017


Film Details:

Director: Tommaso Contronei
Producer: Tommaso Contronei
Script: Tommaso Contronei
Cinematographer: Tommaso Contronei
Editor: Tommaso Contronei
Sound: Tommaso Contronei
Language: in Arabic with Arm./Eng. subtitles
Country: Italy/ Yemen
Year: 2017
Running Time:: 78 min
Production Company::