Carnival King of Europe


Carnival King of Europe

In the heart of winter, a very ancient ritual to secure prosperity and good harvests is held throughout Europe, at the original core of what is commonly known as Carnival. This film is made under the assumption that Carnival reveals similar actions and similar characters, cast in very similar original patterns all over Europe. In this sense, Carnival՚s ephemeral kingdom of misrule can be said to be one of the longer lasting in European history, and Carnival himself a veritable “King of Europe”.

Carnival King of Europe comes to light as an ethnographic documentary within the framework of a larger project of the same title, financed by EU Culture 2007-2013 program, which entails fieldwork, one itinerant exhibition, one website and research seminars. The first version of the film was assembled in 2009 with a running time of 22 minutes. A second version was assembled in 2012 by adding additional materials from the fieldwork conducted in the years between.


– Grand Prize for Academic Films, Academic Film Competition. Kyoto University Museum, Japan, 2009;
– Prize of Slovak Society of Ethnology “Ethnologist behind the camera”, Ethnofilm Cadca Festival, Slovakia, 2014.

Giovanni Kezich

Born in 1956, Giovanni Kezich has read anthropology in Siena and then at UCL (Diploma in Material Culture, then Ph. D. with a thesis on “The peasant poets. The octave of Latium in its social context”, 1989). Since 1991 he is Director of the Museum of Customs and Traditions of the People of Trentino, set in the Italian Alps, one of the largest Italian establishments of ethnographic conservation. Has taught Museum anthropology & Material Culture studies in Venice (Ca’ Foscari) and Cultural Anthropology in Verona.

Michele Trentini

Born in 1974, Michele Trentini is a filmmaker and ethnographer. He earned a degree in sociology from the University of Dresden with a thesis on ecological communitarianism in Eastern Germany and the University of Trento (Italy). Since 2002 he conducts research using ethnographic and visual anthropological methods at the Museum of Customs and Traditions of the People of Trentino. He has directed several ethnographic documentaries.

Selected Filmography

2016 – High School
2014 – The SilvesterchlՊuse of Hundwil
2012 – Carnival King of Europe (co-director)
2009 – Cheyenne, Thirty Years
2009 – The Crafy Singing
2007 – Three Carnivals and a Half
2005 – Furriadroxus (co-director)
2004 – The Art of the Tone


Film Details:

Director: Giovanni Kezich & Michele Trentini
Script: Giovanni Kezich
Cinematographer: Michele Trentini
Editor: Michele Trentini
Sound: Michele Trentini
Language: in English with Armenian subtitles
Country: Italy
Year: 2012
Running Time:: 38 min
Production Company:: Museum of Customs and Traditions of the People of Trentino