End of the World


End of the World

The End of the World is an intimate documentary where a couple of stories weave into one narrative during one night. In a big city, many people are joined in one need – troubled by loneliness, they want to talk to someone. Some of them call an emergency number 112, even if it’s not really necessary, others call the radio. The radio is a motif linking this night’s events – we hear it in the ambulance, in a city’s monitoring center, where we observe the night life of the city presented on dozens of screens. On this night the subject of one radio broadcast is the end of the world predicted by the Mayan calendar. The speaker asks the listeners what it actually means to each of them. They talk about things that are tragic and painful, and sometimes small and funny. Their need to be heard, to communicate, to share their experience with someone else is evident and moving.


– Grand Prix, 25th Media Festival “Man in Danger”, Łցdź, Poland, 2015;
– Kazimierz Karabasz Award, 23rd Camerimage IFF, Bydgoszcz, Poland, 2015;
– Best Documentary Short Award, 24th Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (2015), Hot Springs, USA, 2015;
– Legal Culture Award, 34th “Young&Film” Festival of Film Debuts, 2015.

Monika Pawluczuk

Monika Pawluczuk is a filmmaker, radio and television journalist. She is a cultural studies graduate at the American Studies Center at Warsaw University, a journalism department graduate at the Journalism Centre in Warsaw, and a DOC PRO Documentary Programme graduate at the Wajda School. She is the co-author (with Katarzyna Miller) of a book, translated into several languages, titled Being A Woman and Not Going Crazy. Her latest documentary End of the World premiered at HotDocs in Toronto.




2015 – End of the World
2013 – When I Am A Bird
2007 – Models
2007 – So You Should Change


Film Details:

Director: Monika Pawluczuk
Script: Monika Pawluczuk
Cinematographer: Małgorzata Szyłak, Szymon Lenkowski, Jakub Giza, Michał Dymek
Editor: Agnieszka Glińska, Marcin Latanik
Sound: Radosław Ochnio
Language: in Polish with Arm./Eng. subtitles
Country: Poland
Year: 2015
Running Time:: 39 min
Production Company:: Wajda Studio
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