Far Away Close


Far Away Close


Far Away Close – Heru Motik

Synopsis: Jungun came to Armenia from China on a program to cultivate rice in the highlands. While there he meets an Armenian woman Nune and falls in love. Shortly after they get married and the program is over, the newly-weds move to China. They start living in a faraway village. Nune is having trouble adjusting in a new place: this has to do not only with her lifestyle and mentality, but also with the hostility with which the locals treat strangers. Nune tries to overcome these difficulties. Nine years later when they have two twin girls, Nune successfully persuades her husband to move into the city. And now it is Jungun who cannot adjust to living in the city…



October 00, 2015
Silk Road Hotel Screening Hall

Producer(s): …………..
Director(s): Benjamin Gevorgyan
Script(s): Benjamin Gevorgyan
Cinematographer(s): Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan
Sound(s): ……….
Edited(s): Ashot Boyajyan
Language: Russian & Chinese
Country: Armenia
Year: 2007
Running Time: 43 min
Production Company: Hayk Studio.