Habitat – personal notes


Habitat – personal notes

Habitat is a film made of personal notes about life in L’Aquila after the earthquake. It is an attemp to explore the relationship between mutation of common spaces and mutation of the self, from within. Habitat follows the story of three men who lived in the same tent and stayed in L’Aquila. One, Alessio, first becomes a squatter, then a real estate agent; Paolo, who made a living renting his properties in the very center of the town, becomes a painter. The third tent-mate is Emiliano, the director of this movie. He makes this documentary about life in L’Aquila and the alienating reality of the C.A.S.E. settlements, the houses built by the Berlusconi Government after the earthquake. He faces with their being “non places”, places without identity, far from the town as well from the history and the culture of the place.


Best Feature Film, Lo Spiraglio FF, Rome, 2016; Best Film, Intimate Lens Ethnographic FF, Caserta, Italy, 2016; Best Direction, Astidoc FF, Asti, 2015; Best Film, Istanbul International Architecture and Urban FF, 2015; Best Documentary, Clorofilla FF, Grosseto, Italy, 2015; Special Mention, Molise Cinema FF, Casacalenda, Italy, 2015; Special Mention, Festival Del Documentario d’Abruzzo, Pescara, Italy, 2015; Special Mention, Genova FF, 2015.

Emiliano Dante

Born in 1974, Dante teaches History of Contemporary Art at the University of Cassino and at the University of L’Aquila. His artistic pathway began with photography and came to cinema after experiences with painting, writing, cabaret, theater and music. He debuted as a director in 2003 with the series of shorts The Home Sequence Series, which focuses on the physical and symbolic places of his home. After other shorts, he made the documentary Into the Blue (2009), entirely shot in the tent camp where he was living, and the feature-length fiction movie Limen (Omission, 2012).


2014 – Habitat – personal notes

2012 – Limen

2009 – Into the Blue

2006 – Payphones

2003-2005 – The Home Sequence Series


Film Details:

Director: Emiliano Dante
Script: Emiliano Dante
Cinematographer: Emiliano Dante
Editor: Emiliano Dante
Sound: Emiliano Dante
Language: in Italian with Arm./Eng. subtitles
Country: Italy
Year: 2014
Running Time:: 55 min
Production Company:: Dansacro