Here is Tehran


Here is Tehran


Here is Tehran – Inja Tehran Ast

Synopsis: In Iran Graffiti is a new movement which has been started from Tehran by teenagers and young students. Here is Tehran tries to show their opinions and ideas about Iranian society, culture, art, politics and finally the capital city of Tehran. This film is a realistic portrait of the city’s spirit.

Best Director in Third international urban film festival(Tehran) 2011


October 00, 2015
Silk Road Hotel Screening Hall

Producer(s): Saeed Hadadi
Director(s): Saeed Hadadi
Script(s): Saeed Hadadi
Cinematographer(s): Mohamad Hadafi
Sound(s): Ashkan Fatahi
Edited(s): Nazanin Mofakham
Language: Persian
Country: Iran
Year: 2010
Running Time: 26 min
Production Company: Saeed Hadadi Production