In the Light


In the Light

The three characters Husik Harutyunyan, Alexander Zhujkov and Yerjanik Gevorgyan live drastically different lives. One is in the used bottles trade, the second is a vocalist and the third is a professor and academic. However what unites them is the choir for the blind in which all three of them sing. The film follows their everyday lives capturing the struggle of disabled people who are devoid of the ability to see the sun, but continue to carry that light in their hearts.

Razmik Grigoryan

Razmik Grigoryan was born in 1985 in Zarinja, a village located Armenia’s Aragatsotn province. He graduated the local high school and in 2003 entered Yerevan’s State College of Culture, faculty of film director, which he in turn graduated in 2008. In the middle of his studies, from 2003 to 2005, he served in the Armenian army. From 2011-2014 studied in and graduated from Yerevan’s State Institute of Theater and Cinematography, receiving a diploma of a documentary filmmaker. Currently he is working in the said Institute, providing technical support.

With Vardan, 2013
The Cross on His Shoulders, 2014
Requiem (short feature), 2016
In the Light, 2017


Film Details:

Armenia, 2017, 65’
in Armenian w/ Eng. subtitles
Director and scriptwriter:
Razmik Grigoryan
Producer: Razmik Grigoryan
Directors of Photography: Vardan Harutyunyan, Mkrtich Voskanyan
Editor: Razmik Grigoryan
Sound: Davit Davtyan