On the Kids’ Skin


On the Kids’ Skin

With footage shot over several years in nine Southern countries of the world, this documentary shows the life of children forced to work early in dangerous activities, undergoing the worst forms of child exploitation. The film introduces the audience to the small factory workers in India and Benin, the little gold seekers in Bolivian and Ecuadorian mines, the stone-breakers in Peru, the street children of Brazil, the trash collectors in Guatemala, the salt workers in Cambodia, the prostitution on the streets of Manila. These are stories of poverty, of boys and girls, who do not know what childhood is, leading an existence, to which everything is denied, sometimes even life.

Adriano Zecca

Born in 1945 in Milan, photographer, journalist and documentary filmmaker Adriano Zecca devoted 40 years of his life to the study of the cultures of the world. He traveled and stayed for a long time in dozens of non-European countries: from Asia to the Far East, from Africa to Latin America. As a documentarist, he designed and created more than a 100 documentaries of great social and anthropological interest for RAI, Mediaset and the TSI. His early works, Bolivia ’70 and Viva Peru, have been distributed for years by the most important cultural organizations not only in Italy, but also in Latin America. In the last 15 years, in co-production with the Swiss TV, he has realized numerous film projects that have won international awards. The television series in 14 documentaries on child labor in the world is certainly the most important work Zecca has done.




Selective Filmography

Bolivia ’70, 1970
Viva Peru, 1974
Indonesia Unknown, 1978 (2 doc. series)
Haitian Voodoo, 1982
New Guinea: Voyage to Prehistory, 1986
Amazonia, 1987/89 (7 doc. series)
Borneo: Seekers of Swallow Nests, 1990
Indonesia, 1990/91 (4 doc. series)
Vietnam, 1991/92 (4 doc. series)
Laos: The Peoples of the Mountains, 1996
Mongolia: People of the Steppe, 1999
Life with Animals, 1999/2002 (10 doc. series)
On the Kids’ Skin, 2002/04 (13 doc. series)
Broken Lives, 2006
Migrants: A Journey of Hope, 2009
Childhood Incarcerated, 2011
Chichigalpa, 2013
On the Kids’ Skin, 2017 (doc. short)


Film Details:

Italy, 2017, 30’
in French, Filipino, Khmer, Spanish, Portuguese, Telugu w/ Eng./Arm. subtitles

Director & Writer: Adriano Zecca
Producer: Adriano Zecca
Cinematographers: Adriano Zecca, Eloy Zecca
Editors: Adriano Zecca, Eloy Zecca
Sound: Magda Castel