Once in Summer


Once in Summer

The film is about the people living in the mountainous Armenian village of Vardenik, who for centuries have abided by the traditions and customs inherited from their ancestors. Yet times and civilization may just lead them away from their “paradise”.

Sirakan Abroyan

Documentary filmmaker and cameraman Sirakan Abroyan graduated from the Armenian State Pedagogical University’s department of cinema and photography in 1998. He continued his education by attending the AVANTI European cinema courses (department of documentary film production) in 2003-2004. Since 1998, he has worked for several TV stations including H1 (Armenian Public Television) and Shant TV. Currently he is the Armenian cameraman for the Dutch public TV channel Metropolis TV. Sirakan has also engaged in pedagogical activities teaching documentary filmmaking and camerawork at the Sunchild Eco Club and Casting School cinema and television studio. In 2000, he founded Abrofilm Studio, which he manages till this day as a CEO.



The Departure of a Train, 2000
The Last Supper, 2001
Cold Supper, 2003
From Fear to Life, 2004


Film Details:

Armenia/ France/ Georgia, 2010, 36’
in Armenian w/ Eng. subtitles

Director & Writer: Sirakan Abroyan
Producer: Sirakan Abroyan
Director of Photography: Sirakan Abroyan
Editor: Elene Asatiani
Sound: Sirakan Abroyan
Production Companies: ABROFILM/ Varan Video