There are three settlements with loud names in the countryside of Russia’s Altay region: the Russian Paris, the German Cannes and the Ukrainian Orleans. Nowadays life in the villages is very different from what it used to be. People had a long way to go from the Soviet heritage to market economy, from a traditional lifestyle to global urbanization. Now the heroes of Paris-Cannes-Orleans are simply striving to find answer to questions like “What is happening to us?” and “What is the right choice for the Russian countryside?”


Dmitry Sharabarin

Although in 1997 Dmitry Sharabarin graduated from the Altai State University, Faculty of Law (Russian Federation), from 2002 onwards he has worked as a producer and director on many TV projects at the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “Altai”.  He has made several documentary films at Altajkinocentr (Altai Cinema Center). Today Dmitry is the head of the Altai Young Filmmakers’ Center.




Demidovs’ Gold, 2002
The Two Lives of Polzunov, 2003
Barnaul Regiment, 2004
A Himalayan Diary, 2006
Power Time, 2007
Altai Reserved, 2009
National Master Viktor Romanov, 2013
A City of Craftsmen, 2013
Charyshsky Folk House, 2014
Paris-Cannes-Orleans, 2016


Film Details:

Russia, 2016, 60’
in Russian w/ Eng. subtitles

Director & Writer: Dmitriy Sharabarin
Producer: Vera Urazova
Directors of Photography: Dmitriy Kudryavtzev, Yuriy Martynov
Editor: Oksana Romanova
Sound: Aleksey Arhipovsky
Production Company: Altaykinotsentr