Planeta Petrila

Special Jury Prize


Planeta Petrila

Feature-length Competition - Special Jury Prize

In Petrila, a coal mining town in Transylvania (Romania), an ex-miner turned artist and activist uses art and absurdism to stop local authorities from demolishing the historic buildings of the oldest coal mine in the country after its closure in 2015 at EU’s recommendation. His quest is not only to preserve the history and the identity of his hometown, but also to find new ways of keeping the community from irreversibly falling apart.



Audience Award, Transilvania International Film Festival, Romania, 2017;
Best Film, Black Sea Docs Competition, Pelicam International Film Festival, Romania, 2017.

Andrei Dăscălescu

Born in 1984, Andrei Dăscălescu started out as a radio DJ during his teenage years in his hometown of Piatra Neamț, Romania. He then moved to Bucharest to study Sound and Editing at the Film University, at the same time working as a freelance editor and sound engineer for BBC World Service Romania and on many films, including Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without Youth, as the assistant of legendary editor Walter Murch. He moved on to make his own films with the award-winning short feature Fly. Afterwards he made his documentary debut with Constantin and Elena, a film that achieved worldwide recognition through multiple festival selections, awards and broadcasts. Planeta Petrila is his second feature-length documentary.






Fly, 2007 (fiction)
Constantin and Elena, 2009
An Awesome Film, 2012
Gyuri, 2012
Santa’s Truckers, 2013
Planeta Petrila, 2016


Film Details:

Romania, 2016, 80’
in Romanian w/ Eng./Arm. subtitles

Director & Writer: Andrei Dăscălescu
Producer: Anamaria Antoci
Director of Photography: Andrei Dăscălescu
Editor: Mircea Olteanu, Stefan Parlog, Andrei Dăscălescu
Sound: Dan-Stefan Rucareanu, Ioan Filip
Production Company: FILMLAB