Pomor Women


Pomor Women

For centuries Pomors have inhabited the coast of the White Sea. All their life was inseparably associated with the sea. From sea they accepted gifts. To sea they sacrificed. Pomor women were the faithful companions of fishermen. Even now they live in small villages on the White Sea shore. But crafts are disappearing and Pomor women are going away. The film depicts the everyday life of the last of them.



Best Documentary, Zashitniki Otechestva FF, Kazan, Russia, 2016;
Best Documentary, 8 Women FF, Moscow, Russia, 2017.

Anna Katorina

Anna Katorina was born on June 25, 1991 in Russia. In 2008, she graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television with a specialization in television directing.






None but, 2012
How I caught small men, 2012 (fiction)
The simple story, 2013
Pomor women, 2016


Film Details:

Russia, 2016, 26’
in Russian w/ Eng. subtitles

Director & Writer: Anna Katorina
Producer: Aleksandr Tyutryumov
Director of Photography: Pavel Skvortsov
Editor: Anna Katorina
Production Company: АТК-Студио

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