Remember Your Name, Babylon


Remember Your Name, Babylon

Somewhere in Spain, between the corridors of greenhouses in a plastic-covered world, grow small shantytowns, home to men and women, who have crossed the sea looking for a better life. In the heart of this Eldorado that has run out of steam, they are trying to reassemble the debris of a world that seems to be lost forever. The days pass, waiting for news of documents and work that are slow to come. The rhythm of daily gestures hooks people back into the flow of time, strangling their anger.


Best feature film –Trophy Carmo Bernardes, FICA, Brazil, 2016;
Special Jury Mention, Inconvenient Films IDFF, Lithuania, 2016.

Marie Brumagne & Bram Van Cauwenberghe

Born in 1983, Marie Brumagne studied directing in Brussels. In 2008, she directed the short film Caroline, Definitive Title, which was selected for the Visions du Réel international film festival in Nyon, Switzerland. Born in Belgium in 1981, Bram Van Cauwenberghe studied political science in Belgium and Italy before taking up documentary studies in Spain. In 2009, he co-directed the short documentary film “Pyxis”, which was selected for numerous festivals.
Marie and Bram met at a skating rink and together they co-founded the production company Rocky&Estrella. In 2012, they began working together on Remember your name, Babylon, an independent, self-produced documentary feature film.


Caroline, Definitive Title, 2008 (Marie Brumagne)
Pyxis, 2009 (Bram Van Cauwenberghe & Giusseppe Galante)
Remember Your Name, Babylon, 2015


Film Details:

Belgium, 2015, 77’
in Arabian w/ Eng./Arm. subtitles

Directors & Writers: Marie Brumagne, Bram Van Cauwenberghe
Producers: Marie Brumagne, Bram Van Cauwenberghe
Cinematographers: Marie Brumagne, Bram Van Cauwenberghe
Editors: Marie Brumagne, Bram Van Cauwenberghe
Sound: Marie Brumagne, Bram Van Cauwenberghe
Production company: Rocky&Estrella