A folk holiday of rural Europe, where ancient arboreal and pagan rituals achieve a symbiosis with the Catholic religion, is celebrated every year at Pentecost in the town of Accettura, in the Basilicata region of South Italy. Originating from Lombard-related traditions, this arboreal ritual symbolizes the link between earth and sky while evincing a sexual union through the joining together of two different types of trees, but also represents the progression of nature’s cycles.

Felice Fornabaio

felice-fornabaio-2Born in South Italy, after his studies in literature and film production in Florence and Milan, and a first experience as film production assistant in Rome, Felice Fornabaio moves to Berlin in 2006 and begins his career as photographer and videomaker. He specializes in architectural photography in New York and in 2009 he wins with the film Lucania Buskers Fiction the award for the best documentary film at Festival Of Festivals competition in Bologna, Italy. Since 2012 he represents 75zero18, a cultural association socially engaged in media and ecological projects for small town՚s residents of South Italy. He lives and works in Berlin.


2015 – Roots
2009 – Lucania Buskers Fiction


Film Details:

Director: Felice Fornabaio
Script: Felice Fornabaio
Cinematographer: Felice Fornabaio
Editor: Felice Fornabaio
Sound: Felice Fornabaio
Language: Felice Fornabaio
Country: Italy
Year: 2015
Running Time:: 25 min
Production Company:: 75zero18