Sacred Voices


Sacred Voices

In Cuglieri, a small town in Midwestern Sardinia, festivities during Holy Week are traditionally accompanied by a small choir called Cuncordu. The choir is composed of four specialized male voices, and they perform the Miserere (psalm 50) and Stabat Mater. Their tradition has been passed on orally, and has miraculously been preserved to the present day, presenting an extraordinary musicological interest. The four elderly singers have been careful to pass on this important patrimony to their sons, and now they are finally able to sing together. Sacred Voices presents these two generations of singers, while they are active in the three most intense and meaningful days of Holy Week.


Grand Prix – The Golden Turoň, Etnofilm Čadca, Slovakia, 2016;
Intangible Cultural Heritage Award, Festival of Ethnological Film, Belgrade, Serbia, 2016;
Best Application Of Sound Award, Festival of Ethnological Film, Belgrade, Serbia, 2016


Renato Morelli

Born in Trento, Italy in 1950. After studying sociology and music at the local university, Renato Morelli worked as a director for the Italian State TV (RAI). He directed some sixty ethnographic films – a production acknowledged by twenty-four international awards. As a scholar, he is best known as an ethnomusicologist. Besides publishing a number of contributions in different formats (books, CDs and DVDs), he has also produced a number of theatrical productions. He directs and personally plays in two musical projects: Ziganoff (Klezmer-jazz) and Cantori da Verméi (traditional Alpine choral singing).



Select Filmography

The Tree and The Mask, 1981
The Mask is the Mirror, 1984
The Seasons of Liz, 1984
Conscripts, 1986
The Choir, 1989
The Dance of Gold, 1992
The Guardian of the Signs, 2002
Marcello’s Pupils, 2004
Voices from the Heights, 2012
Death on a Tree, 2015
Sacred Voices, 2016


Film Details:

Italy, 2016, 45’
in Italian w/ Eng./Arm. subtitles
Director & Writer: Renato Morelli
Producer: Renato Morelli
Directors of Photography: Paolo Carboni, Stefano Menin, Renato Morelli
Editor: Sara Maino
Sound: Livia Morelli

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