Siberian Ark


Siberian Ark

In a Siberian village there lives a family with 10 children. They do all the work together. Children grow up and each of them becomes self-dependent. And despite all difficulties of such a lifestyle where you literally have to grow your own food, they remain united. The head of the family talks about their life and what it means to have a big family in modern times.

Pavel Skorobogatov

Born in Irkutsk, Russia in 1983, Pavel Skorobogatov graduated from Irkutsk State University, Faculty of Physics in 2004. He worked as a graphic designer for about 10 years. In 2015, he attended the High Courses for Film Directors and Scriptwriters workshop lead by director Vladimir Khotinenko, editor Vladimir Fenchenko and scriptwriter Pavel Finn, from which he later graduated. Currently, Pavel lives in Moscow.


Siberian Ark, 2017


Film Details:

Russia, 2017, 19’
in Russian w/ Eng. subtitles

Director: Pavel Skorobogatov
Writer: Anton Kruglov
Producer: Pavel Skorobogatov
Director of Photography: Vladimir Protsenko
Editor: Pavel Skorobogatov
Sound: Pavel Skorobogatov
Production Company: J-Media