Unseen Photos of Anfal


Unseen Photos of Anfal

The film tells of Kurdish photographer Haji Kak Awla, who lived in areas of Iraqi Kurdistan that became witnesses of the 1986-1989 Anfal Genocide, which took the lives of between 50 000 and 180 000 Kurds. Over the years he did many photographic portraits of the locals before they were killed. Many years later these unseen photographs accidentally end up in the hands of a man named Hemin, who decides to seek out the relatives of the people in the pictures. It is thanks to these photographs that, for instance, an elderly couple remembers the faces of his 5 children, which they were struggling to do after not seeing them for 30 years.

Hawraz Mohammed Hama Rasheed

Born in the city of Sulaymaniah, Iraqi Kurdistan, Hawraz Mohammed Hama Rasheed has a BA in Sociology. He started making films in the early 2000’s and up until now has made 7 short feature films and 14 documentaries. He has made several documentaries for many TV channels in Kurdistan, as well as for community channels worldwide.





The Last Night of Autumn, 2001 (fiction)
An Inexistence Before Birth, 2004 (fiction)
Darwesh Abdullah, 2005
Coma, 2007 (fiction)
Hama Koshky, 2007
Evening of Seagulls, 2008
Red Fish, 2009 (fiction)
Crime Against Children, 2009
Fourth Day, 2010 (fiction)
Circumcision of Women, 2010
Women Exchange, 2010
Sexual Harassment, 2010
Crime Against Women, 2010
Mirror, 2011 (fiction)
Mental Health, 2011
Beyond Psychological Shock, 2011
Here Is Kurdistan, 2012
Record, 2014 (fiction)
Land of the Lost, 2016 (fiction)
Unseen Photos of Anfal, 2017


Film Details:

Iraq, 2017, 27’
in Kurdish w/ Eng./Arm. subtitles

Director & Writer: Hawraz Mohammed Hama Rasheed
Producer: Nabaz Ahmed
Director of Photography: Khaibar Rafiq
Editor: Nabaz Ahmed
Sound: Krmanj Faraj
Production Company: Rudaw Documentary Production House

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