When I Am a Bird


When I Am a Bird


When I Am a Bird – Erb es trchun ei

Synopsis: “When I Am A Bird” immersed in the world of fortune tellers and ghosts tells the story of the attempt to change one’s fate. MuLa a Kayan woman refugee from Burma has been living in Thailand for two years with her husband and all her sons. On the other side of the border her only daughter is left. The mother wants to bring her over to a better world. The time of waiting full of anxiety and tension sets the rhythm and the atmosphere of the film.


October 00, 2015
Silk Road Hotel Screening Hall

Producer(s): Wajda Studio
Director(s): Monika Pawluczuk
Script(s): Monika Pawluczuk
Cinematographer(s): Pawel Chorzepa
Sound(s): Dariusz Wancerz
Edited(s): Marcin Latanik
Language: Thai
Country: Poland
Year: 2013
Running Time: 28 min
Production Company: Wajda Studio.