You Can’t Hide From the Truth


You Can’t Hide From the Truth

You Can’t Hide From the Truth is an intimate portrait of a family struggling to make ends meet in Zimbabwe’s harsh economic and political climate. Blind musician Daniel Gonora was once part of Zimbabwe’s largest touring group Jairos Jiri Band. More than 20 years later, he performs music on the streets with his young gifted son Isaac on makeshift drums. Their relationship is put to the test, when Daniel decides to pursue past dreams that could affect Isaac’s future.


Best Documenatry, Festival Lanterna, Huixquilucan, Mexico, 2017;
Best Mid-Length Film, DocuTIFF, Tirana, Albania, 2017;
Best Documentary, European Film Festival of Lille, France, 2017.

A. a. V. Amasi

A.a.V Amasi is an award winning British -Zimbabwean documentary director making films that tell the African story both home and in the diaspora. After making a film about AIDS and how it affects prostitutes in Zimbabwe, he joined the National Film and Television School (UK) to develop his story telling skills. His films have been screened in a number of international film festivals. One of his latest short films, We Are Here, looks at African immigrants and how they are received in today’s Europe through different characters perspectives.





A Risky Life, 2012
The Last Stand, 2014
Missing Alexandra, 2014
Unhu, 2014
We Are Here, 2016
You Can’t Hide From The Truth, 2016


Film Details:

Zimbabwe, 2016, 29’
in Shona w/ Eng./Arm. subtitles

Director and Scriptwriter: A.a.V. Amasi
Producer: A.a.V. Amasi
Director of Photography: A.a.V. Amasi
Editor: Jojo Erholtz
Sound: Pan Panagianopolus
Production Company: Goatfame